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Originally Posted by Amexgull View Post
Just seen an advert for an ATCO at Cranfield. I've heard it is not VR and it is not limited to those at the end of their careers, very much the opposite. EGGP appear to have got rid of a couple of the more senior guys and those ATCOs who only held a single ADI rating. With the blanket quarantine policy restricting recovery in the aviation sector I agree it will be a quiet winter...
Hopefully "got rid" is that they agreed to take VR. I understand things at Edinburgh got a bit tense when a couple of older ATCOs, and we're talking late 60s declined to take a deal to go. It's finished up with all taking a reduction in hours and salary. Quite why any one would still want to be doing the job, no matter how pleasing it is, at that age is beyond me. Life really is too short!
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