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Originally Posted by clark y View Post
As for the idea of the inertial reel not working at door L1 due to left wing down, is it really that much closer to the ground than door R1?
Thatís a good question. But itís safe to assume they were talking extensively to Flight Ops during the hold. There is no R1 on the FedEx 76 freighter, so the alternative is L1 inertial reel or the escape ropes in the cockpit.

The inertial reel set up on the 74F involves a diaper harness and a jump. If you reach the ground before the deceleration, it would really suck. I assume the same level of suck would occur on a canted over 76.

Although; seeing one of the flight crew doing the snail crawl away from the jet, with the CFR guy in hot pursuit wasnít funny either. Unless youíve got a slightly sick sense of humor 🤞.
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