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email just received;

"In our last communication, we shared an introduction to the new PPL e-Exams system, following a successful run of roadshows in January.

The original plan was to run a 3 month pathfinder phase with a small number of organisations commencing March 2020, with an aim to rollout to all training organisations in June. Due to Covid-19, the project has been paused for the last 3 months, but we can now confirm that the project resumed with the pathfinders at the start of July 2020. This means we are aiming to rollout PPL e-Exams to all training organisations choosing to deliver PPL e-Exams by the end of October 2020.

What we need from you

We will set up all organisations on the new system and we will provide you with your login details before the project goes live. In order to do this, we need to collect some information from you so that we can create an account for each member of your organisation that requires access. Please can you follow the instructions below to help us collect this information.

Access the data collection survey by following this link: https://www.surveymonkey.............................
  1. Enter your training organisation information into the first question. Note: if your training organisation has multiple exam venues, please provide their addresses separately to [email protected].................
  2. Enter details of one member of your organisation into the second question.
  3. Repeat the second question for each ground examiner and administrator in your organisation. Please see ground examiner update below to help determine who will require access.
  4. Submit one survey response per training organisation.

Ground Examiner Fee Update

The CAA Scheme of Charges for the certification & re-certification of Ground Examiners (GRs) for PPL, LAPL or NPPL has been reduced with immediate effect from 255 to 125, representing over a 50% reduction. The certificate remains valid for 3 years and no other changes to GR privileges have been made.

Once the pathfinder phase has finished, the CAA will only issue PPL e-Exams system examiner log-ins to those holding an appropriate GR authorisation. From this point an invigilator without an appropriate GR authorisation will not be able to conduct a PPL e-Exam.

An organisation can have as many GRs as they need, therefore you are encouraged to review your GR requirements and make any required nominations by application to the CAA under the reduced Scheme of Charges fee.

Please note: CAA documentation, Standards Document 11 with be updated to reflect this change during the pathfinder phase."
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