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1976 - KSSI (St. Simons Island,Georgia) - It was the day of my final check ride to obtain my PPSEL and I was a nervous wreck. The day was severe clear with light and variable wind. My check pilot, a WWII glider pilot whose own license had been signed off by Orville Wright, climbed aboard N757 WW, a Cessna 152 better known by the tower as "Double Shot". Bill, who knew everything about flying, took me through the the motions of airwork and seemed pleased. He directed me to set a course for KBQK, (Glynco) which was four miles away and featured an 8,001' x 150' concrete runway. As I turned long final for 25, he said: "I want you to demonstrate a soft field landing." Flaps full, nose held off, squeaker. "Now a short field takeoff." Barely airborne: "Now a short field landing." A lurch as the mains French-kissed the runway. "Now a soft field takeoff." I marveled at my hands and feet as they danced instinctively across the controls without hesitation.

In less than one minute and 4,000' of runway used, Bill said: "Let's go home. Congratulations! You're a pilot!" That was forty-three years ago and I relive those precious moments almost every day.

- Ed
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