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Originally Posted by 101917 View Post
Those of you that believe LIFO should be used as the sole method of selection for compulsory redundancy need to understand that the law has changed. The change makes all previous contracts/agreements that make LIFO the sole method of selection obsolete.
This is certainly true but what else is there to go on? We are generally unknown to management and HR outside of our immediate base captain and line trainers. Will they have a say in the final reckoning? Training reports are rather generic these days with little to no text on them (unless there's a secret box we don't get to see saying what the trainer *really* thought) and I believe data accrued on Flap 3 landing, discretionary fuel etc. is anonymised, if that sort of thing could even be used as criteria.

Sickness? Number of fatigue reports filed? Number of times we've been in the shower when Crewing calls? I'm struggling to think of anything particularly tangible.

Good luck everyone.
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