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I agree, but it seems impossible for the media to ever report the true degree of risk presented by anything that springs up as a secondary story, that's only being reported because it seems, at first glance, to be vaguely similar to the current big story.

Assessing risk rationally isn't something that should be done either by the media, or because a tiny minority start protesting about something, yet whether we like it or not, this is what tends to happen. The fact that the true risk presented by yet another newly discovered, species barrier crossing, influenza virus is probably very low, as most of these are, doesn't really matter, as the chances are that some people will over react and assume the risk is far greater than it really is.

It's not much different to the way that people are generally pretty rubbish when it comes to assessing risk, though. I remember being surprised by just how risky horse riding is, years ago. IIRC, it's was more likely to cause death or serious injury than motorcycling, yet parents who would happily let their kids ride horses,would probably throw their arms up in horror at the idea of them riding a motorcycle.
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