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I don't mind paying a reasonable sum, be it for delivery or a tax on the delivery, but then there is the issue of what is reasonable. A 4.99 charge from Amazon is no big deal, particularly given that the product price is often cheaper than I can secure in a nearby store, but I recently ordered some stuff from IKEA and got hit with a 39 charge. Interestingly, the charge appears to have been reduced to 29 during the lockdown period but it's not clear what the justification is. However, maybe that better reflects the true cost of running a delivery service. As an aside,I've always been a fan of IKEA - you generally get what you pay for and it has often met a need that I have had - but the delivery charge becomes significant when you find that there are a fair few items which are not carried by most (or all) stores and the only way to get them is to have home delivery.....which incurs the delivery charge.
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