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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
Which is cheapest, and which is most efficient?

1. To send truckload of products from the factory to the station. Offload to train. Send to another station. Offload to another truck. Send truck to customer.
2. Send truckload of products from the factory to the customer.
Railfreight is certainly not the most efficient when it comes to delivering packages; if it were then there would be garish red and yellow rail wagons with DHL plastered all over them running around the rail network at night. However rail comes into it's own moving bulk loads over longer distances, and especially moving containers from port to inland railheads. Environmentally and economically that's a no brainer (even more so were the freight network electrified), and if we had "proper" canals rather than the ons we were left with from the 19th century, then moving barges loaded with bulk and containers would be similarly efficent.
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