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I can’t think of a ‘fairer’ way to enact truly unavoidable CR by any other method than LIFO(+).
What I would say is that when the initial S188
detailed that redundancies would be split between fleet and seat, the message from the BALPA forum and WhatsApp groups were unanimous - do whatever it takes to protect EVERY job and share the pain.
When everyone felt vulnerable it seemed we were much more united.

Now the rumours about LIFO being secured have surfaced, there has been a bit of back tracking and hand-wringing following the 87.5% part time proposal. Whilst the majority of messages are still for a community solution, you now also see “I’ll have to check with the wife” “I’m not sure I can afford to” “I’ll only consider it if it’s fixed at 12 months” etc.

We’ll have to await the FAN, but it seems we are now relying on everyone applying individually for these contracts if we are to avoid CR. Whilst other airlines (FR, TUI, Aer Lingus) are implementing cuts equally, it is now looking likely we will end up with 3 very different levels of ‘pain’ - Those that take none, those that take part time to try to help, and those that get fired.
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