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Ahh now it all becomes clear. This isnít about fairness at all; itís about your wifeís vulnerability to redundancy. Itís only fair, if someone else gets the chop in your opinion then.
FWIW, I believe the sun article is fantasy and although BALPA have said from the outset, that they expect agreements to be respected, theyíre clearly looking at all avenues to secure ALL jobs. Including your wifeís I hope.
so rather than getting all het up and playing the man and not the ball, try taking a look at that BALPA forum yourself, and youíll see that to a man/woman; the talk is all about saving everyoneís job and not about savings ones own arse. We arenít the elitist selfish bunch you seem to think we are. To date, not a single pilot has been made redundant from BA. I sincerely hope we can keep it that way.
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