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Is it fair that someone who joined last week into the A350 gets to stay, but someone who has given 30+ years service but flies a 747, gets the chop? Sorry fella; thereís nothing at all fair about that In my book. Life ainít fair unfortunately
Life really isn't fair. It isn't fair for the long serving guys and girls at Virgin on the 747/330. What happened there?

Before you tell me BA is different from Virgin, BA claim to be losing £20m a day and is in a fight for survival. Get rid of 350 from the bottom of the MSL and they save what, £60k a day? It won't cut it. I can guarantee the only battle Balpa have on their hands at the moment is a battle to save the guys on the 747/A380 with the argument for the line in the MOA that states something along the lines of "regard shall be given to LIFO" - hardly a binding statement.

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