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Yes, we shall see. That said, I speak from experience. BA has broken agreements in 2006(birth of Gatwick fleet), 2010 cabin crew disputes, 2007(MF disputes) and now. There is no interest from your reps in changing that part of the MOA in order to provide a fairer option and protect the junior members, it’s clear protectionism of the old guard. My airline does it as LIFO alone is discriminatory, another airline, Virgin, also felt that it was unfair to carry out LIFO in their last redundancies.

Yes the source isn’t the strongest, however I believe we will get some news this coming week and it will follow those lines, but as you say, lets see. In regards to the comment I made about elitism, I stick to what I say, I have seen enough of my many years at BA to come out with that judgement. It’s my opinion and judgement, you don’t have to agree but your disagreement will not erase my experiences.
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