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Originally Posted by Just a spotter View Post
Unlike countires such as the UK or US, in Ireland, there's no votes in bigging up the military.
I think you misstate any minor electoral significance defence *may* have in UK elections. There *might* be votes to be lost by cutting it, but there are certainly none to be gained by bigging it up. I think the distinction is important. It explains why UK defence is vulnerable to mismatches between even status-quo aspirations (protect Army numbers at 82,000; donít cut any more fast jet squadrons; donít mothball a carrier) and declining levels of resource spending (which the Treasury hates, preferring to spend what it absolutely has to on much higher electoral priorities like benefits and NHS staff). Topping Defence up to 2% GDP with Treasury-, industry- and voter-friendly capital investment to try to avoid the perception of Ďcutsí is why we end up with lots of kit and not enough people to use it properly.

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