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Originally Posted by Fujiroll76 View Post
165 already shown interest in the first 24hrs...30 to hit 65 this year...150 approx in the following 3 years.

With the super complications and the 380 given 3 years, Id say the number needed would be surpassed...plenty 380 drivers over 60
Id predict it would also affect anyone above the age of 60 on those fleets. Maybe even 57/58 depending on ability to retire. It may just have to be a slightly less comfortable retirement (but still far more comfortable than 95% of the population) than they were expecting.

If you know you are going to have a minimum of 3 years off work, almost certainly not in another flying role, then why come back for what will be quite an extensive refamiliarisation not just to your previous role but to Aviation, then probably an endorsement onto another aircraft type, only to fly it for a year or two on what is probably going to be a lower wage and conditions than you were used to, before hanging up the boots anyway?

After having a few months off, realising there is a world out there beyond the job, beyond jet lag, fatigue, sims, a lot may just take the money and run.
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