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Originally Posted by lederhosen View Post
The tragedy is that they were so close to the airport in the final moments. Had they lowered the gear later they might just have made it. But given the rest of their performance it is hardly surprising that they did not.
I suspect that this question will be addressed in the final report but I was wondering if the outcome would have been better for everyone if they hadn't attempted a go-around. Presumably with the engines hitting the runway they slowed down quite a bit and would have stopped short of the end of the runway. Sure there is the risk of fire but they were already on the ground and slowing down so why not accept that outcome?

Looking at the preliminary report I also suspect that the biggest evidence will come from the CVR and from a psychological assessment especially as there is already a documented lack of CRM and adherence to standard call outs. Is this sort of thing normal for PIA?

Finally, the prelim report doesn't talk about the crew lowering the gear at all on approach. I know that previously it was suggested that the gear was lowered but aircraft protection kicked in due to the high speed so I'm hoping that question is resolved in the full report.
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