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Originally Posted by Euclideanplane View Post
Quite a decent summary with some simulations:

Youtube - Captain Mayday - UPDATE: Investigation Report leaks & Landing Gear details Pakistan International Airlines PK8303

It also seems to affirm that the photos of the scrape itself are indeed authenthic.
Thanks for sharing. Besides everything that has been said, shared and discussed already, I still find it crucial if the pilots potenitally really did not hear the GPWS "too low gear warning".
In any case it was a criminal approach- no doubt - but it is really hard to believe that they ignored the GPWS "too low gear warning". The "gear not down warning" in the ECAM might have been missed because of the anyways ongoing CRC and ECAM warnings for flap overspeed.
But ignoring the aural "too low gear" would be inexplicable for me. Thus, I found the scenario in the video valid and interesting to follow up on.
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