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The true number of displaced (redundant) pilots

With all of the news about pilots being made redundant (either compulsorily or voluntarily) across many carriers, I am curious as to the actual number of various type rated pilots who are now (or soon might be) without a job and will likely be looking into finding any seat they can in GA to keep their careers from falling out of the sky?
Essentially, how many extra "over-qualified" pilots are there now who will take up any upcoming GA vacancies, and thus likely stagnating any kind of movement within the industry for the foreseeable future?

Tiger A320/737: 220 - source: www.afap.**org**.au/media-releases/ArtMID/1603/ArticleID/178/all-of-virgins-220-tigerair-pilots-redundant-from-friday
QANTAS (fleets currently unknown): 220 - source: www.qantasnewsroom.**com**.au/media-releases/qantas-group-announces-post-covid-recovery-plan-and-equity-raising-for-a-stronger-future/
Jetstar: Included in QANTAS above until further information becomes available
Virgin: ?

Are there any other operators expecting redundancies or does anyone have better estimates for any numbers above?

My sincere condolences to the all-to-many of you who have been reduced to "just" a number above - you have lives and families to support and I wish you the very best whatever happens. I do think that it is still important to objectively look at how these displacements will change the landscape of aviation in Australia as a whole, and this thread hopes to serve as a guide to those who are considering the effects of all of this on their own careers, whether they are themselves displaced, stood down, still flying, or even in training.

Will keep updated with any new information anyone can provide (whether speculative or confirmed).
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