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I never said there were no touch points, I just said your exposure to them is much less. You are in the aircraft for hours. You are on a ship for days. As to touch points prior to boarding? Same as in the rest of life external to the airport. Once on board though? As to the chances of the a person near you having COVID on the aircraft?? How many people have traveled by air to and in Australia in the past 4-5 months? And yet when a case is identified, and overwhelmingly the person has recently arrived from overseas, there has been zero transmission to anyone else on the aircraft. How many airlines have been brought to their knees by rampant COVID infections raging through the flight crews?
As to the "reality check", I bought a pen at an airport newsagent the other day. I picked up the pen from a container on the shelf (who knows who touched it before me), I carried it over and passed it to the cashier, who took it from me and scanned the price. I then went to pay with some coins, but was refused as "we don't accept cash at the moment". I said why not? She said, 'because we don't know where it's been". I said '"in the same hands as the pen you just accepted from me." That did not compute.
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