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Originally Posted by Car RAMROD View Post

Self-check and/or bag drop screens. Common touch point.

normal check in, Iím infected, hand my ID to the check in staffer. They get my germs. I get my boarding pass; they pass my germs to others.
i touch the tray at security. They touch the tray. Others touch the tray.

My passport goes thru a scanning machine or a staffer where a bunch of other passports have or will go through.

my boarding pass gets handled by the lounge staffer when I go to the FF lounge, who then handles other peopleís who in turn handle theirs again.

my boarding pass gets handled by the gate scanner person. Or if I do it myself it probably touches the screen. Staffers hands or the screen then touches other peopleís boarding passes.

my boaring pass gets handled by the CSM when I board. They handle more after me.

i maybe open the locker because someone else closed it; or I close it because itís now obviously full. Someone maybe moves my bag in order to try squeeze theirs into the overhead bin, they are now infected.

i touch the seats as I wander down the aisle to use the toilet, because I need the top corner of the aisle seatís seat back to help me down the aisle. Someone else touches them too. Touch the door handle, the door, the lock mechanism.

ive touched seat back IFE screens, or tables or arm rests or call lights or air vents or seat belts. Someone else then touches them.

Yeah. Very limited contact points in an aircraft or journey by air.

less than a cruise ship? Yeah maybe. But by no means insignificant.

And yet....about as many airport clusters as there are supermarket ones....
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