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Originally Posted by Traffic_Is_Er_Was View Post
Most modern aircraft utilise HEPA filters in the aircon system. They'll filter out virtually all bacteria and viruses. Look at the facts. It seems most transmission is by contact transfer, rather than aerosol. Most pax stay in their seats. They don't come into contact with many other pax while actually on the aircraft. They use disposable single use cutlery, cups etc. They don't touch many things in the aircraft. They tend to only come in contact with their own personal belongings. Contrast that with a cruise ship. Elevators, hand rails, tables, chairs, doors, large communal (and shared) eating facilities. multiple communal touch points, mass gatherings. It's no surprise it goes through a ship load of people so quickly.
Nah! Recent scientific studies of transmissions are indicating that being in close proximity to an infected person for 15 mins or more poses a significant risk of infection. So if the passengers next to or near you are infectious simply breathing in their exhalations or talking near your face would be sufficient. Last time I checked passengers weren’t exhaling directly into tubes going straight to the HEPA filters or did I miss something? The only way to not catch it in a cramped B737 in economy for a 4-5 hour flight is for those near you to not have it!

So we’re back to a vaccine, no infections on board or an anti-viral that radically reduces the severity of Covid19. Anything else is wishful thinking or airline CEO PR spin and propaganda!!
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