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Been told that the States of Guernsey told Aurigny no 'normal' flying until October which is why they went ahead and cancelled everything up to the end of August before the official update came from the States the other week.

Was also told Aurigny are very keen to get a second daily flight between Guernsey and Southampton going as on certain days they are now carrying decent loads (presumably people who have decided they will travel and put up with the 2 week lock down in Guernsey) however the States have told them no so the jet may be rolled out a bit more than every Friday.

I know it means very little but did a few dummy bookings for the next few weeks and certain flights (mainly the ones into Guernsey) were suggesting 50+ seats reserved onboard the aircraft, one flight was 199 one way basic fare.

The above came from a family member - no direct link to the airline but this being Guernsey they probably know the right sort of people to be told from someone in the know

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