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Originally Posted by Sk1schoolsam View Post
Disappointing to see EK now moved restart back to 1st Sept. GLA restart delayed and reduced. Qatar from the start of July will remain the best east bound international connection hub for those who need to fly and be somewhere.
It’s not about “too much negativity” at all, nor is it “faith” or “belief”, this isn’t religion. It’s about truncated consumer demand on a global scale leading to a massive shock to business. The Ski School may well need boots on the ground but are they flying up front paying full whack? Why would anyone pay for a high yielding premium product until we get back to normal-normal, not the new normal. No lounges, facemasks, awkward bathroom queues and onboard service restricted. I mean you’re not gonna part with your own money for that and business travel is going to be on a necessity only basis until the new financial year. Consider Emirates, one of the strongest carriers in play :

EK to Decommission 40% of Airbus A380, Axe 1/3 of Pilots & Cabin Crew

The best Scotland can see on long haul is core routes protected. Park any fantasies about twice daily EDI or thrice daily GLA for a year or so at least. A load of the schedules you are seeing are placeholders as the airlines literally have little idea about what demand will be. BA don’t know whether the A380 and B744 fleet will even go back into service! ( 42 aircraft all in for starters!)
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