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Flight Alterations

I've been waiting to hear if my LGW-BFS flight at the end of the month is going ahead. There's no point me going with nowhere to stay as hotels are unlikely to be open by then. An email today from EasyJet indicates that we're travelling on a later flight, so technically they will say the flight isn't cancelled but it's just a change of time. The helpful link earlier (24th April) to a refund now only offers vouchers - not refunds. Try ringing the 0330 number in the email and a recorded message tells you they are extremely busy and recommends ringing back later, but when you've heard all the message it doesn't allow you to hold to speak to an operator because the call is terminated! The recorded message suggests that you may be able to have your Government taxes refunded - but that is probably all.
Has anyone else recently found a way round this problem? Do passengers have a legal option for their fares to be refunded because of circumstances such as these? Because the flight has been re-scheduled by less that 5 hours does the airline have a loophole whereby it doesn't have to refund customers? Technically I believe the flight is cancelled because we now have a different flight number. Any helpful comments would be appreciated folks.
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