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Airline Pilot Currency
Here I was thinking we had a new currency to trade!

Was hoping it would be pegged higher than the USD and we could make some coin........

On a serious note, HUGE issue. Not only do we have guys and gals loosing currency, they are also loosing dollars. Get through the sims, the line check. Ok now you have two in the seat both errrr maybe not as sharp as normal. Then no doubt throw in some financial hardship, stress and that Swiss cheese is rolling.

Next is sim availability both locally and worldwide. Yes it all depends then on when airlines ramp up, if everyone at the same time the situation gets more interesting. QF, V, etc sent pilots overseas at times, sims will be busy, thatís only after quarantine free travel!

Have a think about corporate jets next, issue even worse to a degree!
On a serious note, HUGE issue. If only those guys and girls would loose some dollars my way, then Iíd have some currency to to trade.

Apologies for the thread drift. Maybe.

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