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Originally Posted by Sam Ting Wong View Post
You think our agreement to concessions will be required?

Hilarious 😅😅😅😅😅
Yes I do. Under HKG Law a company can't force a worse contract on a employee, the employee must agree to the changes.

We had to agree to SLS - a variation of your contract which was to your disadvantage. Whereas a few years ago the company 'settled' our pay increase demands with a lesser increase they could impose on us without agreement as it was an improvement on our conditions.

When a new COS is presented to us don't be a little bitch, grow a pair and evaluate the consequences, before you agree to anything.

After all the talk of working together and fixing the divide between aircrew and management it appears they are determined to pineapple us (if Sten K or Chris H were on fire I would piss AVGAS on to them).

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