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No real need for concessions?

Possibly, but I fear it’s a rather hypothetical statement that is quite irrelevant to what’s about to happen. Need and want seem to be interchangeable verbs on both sides of the industrial table and as such has stifled intelligent discussions on a way forward. In 2017 the DFO “needed” permanent concessions. Throughout the last two years we’ve heard the AOA tell us we “need” adjustments to pay, HKPA, CEA, RP’s. Now we’ll probably hear there isn’t a “need” for adjustments to pay, HKPA, CEA, ARAP, PF, RP’s etc. You can’t have it both ways unless it was never a need to begin with, but simply a want with leverage from market forces and its resulting attrition.

Market forces can work for and against the pilot body. If you think pilots were desperate enough to sign POS18 in 2018/19, have a guess as to the level of desperation in 2020. The pilot body squandered its industrial leverage. Do you think management will do the same simply because you don’t think it’s “needed”?

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