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Unless the Pilot Operating Handbook/Flight Manual states otherwise, an aircraft equipped with dual controls certificated or Permitted for flight with one pilot, may be flown from either seat. Some aircraft are more awkward to fly from the right seat, getting to the fuel for instance, but any aircraft used for instruction should have all the controls, including the fuel, accessible from the right side.

It's entirely up to the pilot which seat they use. However, I would guard against flying solo from the right seat if you haven't done any dual from that seat. An instructor, of course, would have done an entire rigorous course of instruction whilst sat in the right seat (or left seat in a helicopter).

Generally, in the PA28 in which I've a four-figure sum of hours from the right seat, I find it more convenient to fly from the right - it's the first seat I happen upon when I get in! However, if I'm instrument flying for a protracted period solo, then I sometimes choose the left seat as it's less tiring and easier to be more accurate flying from the left. I recently flew our PA28 to maintenance and chose the left seat on a whim and found that the seat cushion was really uncomfortable, so that was an item for the menders to fix... I guess the students hadn't complained 'cos they didn't know any better. But I guess that's not what you meant by saying 'no longer comfortable in the left hand seat'.

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