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Good post. More consistent enforcement of the law in many areas would help set a better standard and improve the living environment.


I think coming off a scooter at 30mph is generally going to end badly. It isn’t going to absorb much energy in a collision like a bike. I am thinking collisions with cars, spills and collisions with inanimate objects. 30mph collisions with pedestrians or cyclists will generally be very ugly.

As has been said previously, there is a 15mph legal limit for electric bikes in the UK. Some European countries allow S-Pedelecs (but may restrict where they can be used). These do nearly 30mph and require registration (with identifying plate), insurance and some form of driving licence (and helmet?). They clearly also require a level of skill to ride safely beyond what most folk do on bicycles.

With leaps in battery technology, there is clearly scope for commuting with such vehicles. With the right infrastructure, a good part of a classic conflict could be resolved.

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