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A few observations.

It is a little unknown fact that old people's buggies and electric wheelchairs are legally required to have a switch setting that limits their speed to 4 point something MPH when used on UK pavements, I think it needs to be a key operated switch and not just a simple toggle or button.

Another little known fact, if you get prosecuted for cycling on the pavement, which is an offence, you will get a fine and points on your driving licence. This applies to non electric bicycles and electric assisted ones equally. A bicycle is seen as a vehicle in the eyes of the law and is thus not allowed on pavements or footpaths. It has been thus since the 1880s but the police don't seem bothered enough to take action unless someone gets hurt and then they throw the book at you.

Turning half the pavements around here into shared paths for cycles and pedestrians has done nothing but spread confusion. It is no longer clear where you should be with your bike. I note that those cyclists who take their hobby seriously don't use the shared paths as the risk/inconvenience to them and pedestrians is a deterant. Pedestrians are not disciplined to walk in straight lines and keep to one side of the path. They stop, turn or step to the side without warning. Once you take to the pavement/path on a bike you lose all right of way at every junction whereas if you ride on the road, with the traffic, you have the same rights of way as all of the other vehicles.

Motorist are just as likely to break the pavement/footpath laws as cyclists are. It is still against the law to drive along or park obstructing the pavement with a car. Near to us there is a small parade of shops. There is always some idiot motorists parked over the double yellow lines with two wheels on the pavement outside them. When they do this they break three laws rather than just the one. Again, the law just doesn't bother enforcing the rules. It is even more bizarre as several of the shops have free parking spaces behind and rear access.

There is not a delivery van driver in the country that can park without running two wheels up on the pavement!

Every time we go into town we see the remains of bikes chained to the railings in the bike park in the town centre. This puts me off using my bike for any visit unless I can keep an eye on it for the whole time I am there.

I can see the day coming when it will be possible to use an electric skateboard to get around. It could be picked up and taken into shops and restaurants and thus kept safe. As a bonus one would fit into the luggage rack on my aircraft unlike any of the folding bikes I have found so far........

When I was young, we were only allowed to use our bikes to get to school if we took the Cycling Proficiency Test first. The local police came to the school and we got trained and tested on our competence at operating our bikes. At the same time, the local bobby on the beat would give you a bollocking for not following the rules when out on our bikes. Now they don't give a toss and they wonder why the don't carry much respect.

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