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Originally Posted by tdracer View Post
Are you sure he said "37" (or perhaps was misquoted)? Delta has taken full advantage of the 757/767 common type rating - regularly swapping pilots between the two.
I think just about every carrier that has both swaps pilots on either plane. However some pilots may not maintain overwater quals in a domestic domicile. Perhaps a moot point by now but is the B-764 a separate fleet at Delta?

And as I've commented elsewhere here, I've seen augmented crews done every which way over the years.

I ran into one of these larger than life guys a while back as I posted on another thread and I did some checking:

Years ago I ran into a guy who claimed to have flown for NASA, flown helos in the Army and F-4's in the Air Force. When I asked if he had any airliner time he said he had flown 727's, 737's, 747's, 757's, 767's and 777's and a few other non-Boeings. I started wiping off my shoes.

Somebody told me he was legit, I didn't believe it.

I looked up his FAA license.

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