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the original article might be from a shoddy source but Bloomberg isnít shoddy. And EK isnít denying anything. Anyone with common sense knows there will be cuts coming no matter what - itís sad but true. 30,000 from Bloomberg wasnít just made up - 100% internal discussions are happening - and itís Emirates Group not just the airline. Expect a delay on the 777x delivery... thatís also common sense

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I would much prefer to hear it from the source.... The original rumour is dubious and comes from a shoddy website that claims to be legitimate (posted by a flight attendant apparently?). There is no doubt that every airline on earth is going to review their operations and their workforce; EK isn't immune to this. I am interested to see if they actually scrap A380's or store them bearing in mind that they were hoping to use them til 2030? Let's not forget that they are expecting a huge 777-X order next year so getting rid of 30% of their workforce now might be drastic if you look at costs involved in hiring new cabin crew in the future and training them etc ....
Just thinking out loud .... I wish them the best of luck!
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