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Necks. We couldn't afford much for our judo mat back in the 50's. The mats regularly separated and the canvas used to go into the gaps, complete with foot or feet. I was about 5' above it, upside down when my mentor disappeared. I was . . . I am, very lucky not to have been made quadriplegic. Years go by and I find myself doing unreasonable amounts of DIY. Every so often my neck would just feel wrong. Mechanically out of place somehow. I'd go to a half-height redbrick wall that surrounded our arty-farty sunken lounge and holler for the Rivetess to 'do my neck'. Erm, please. My head is rather heavy, especially when my wife is hanging on it. I'd give the left and right twist feedback necessary to get the click I knew so well. Fine, perhaps for a year or so.

Not that long ago I went to Canada. Toronto at Christmas time. There was no snow. I was messing about on a tiny inflatable dingy, on the frappe they tried to make, but had given up. Despite my deep understanding of gravity I found that ski slopes are very slopey and accelerativistical. It seems that when I hit the ground my head got bent back. 'You have no right to be alive' one of the party said as he helped my son walk me to the car. He was a CA lawyer and showing an unnatural interest. He used a convoluted straw to demonstrate what 170 degrees looks like. Goodness knows how I carried on with the holiday. Then, back home, I wore a peaked cap, insisting the peak should be at the front. I've hardly ever been known to wear a hat. Written warnings for it at work. But on this day I was mowing my Texas lawn with the peak over my eyes. My head stopped on a sawn-off bough. It was Mesquite which possesses a certain ungodly inertial power. But again, the Rivetess got it right for me. It needs attention now. I just know that if I hang upside down and turn my head left and right - while someone pummels my neck - it'll be perfect.

It's real sad about the Segway bloke. IIRC, he'd made his money from inventing a light blast-proof material that helped keep our troops safe. He was also incredibly kind, even to the point of backing up for someone on the footpath.

I bought my Giant back from Texas when one could have it as one hold baggage. Free cardboard box with handle. I'd ridden it for 30 years, when a friend gave me his seriously lovely Giant. The trouble is, it's worth more than my car and I daren't leave it anywhere.
Oh, I'm one of the small minority that has ridden the Aston Martin bike. Way back, it was a few thousands. It had come down to east Essex to have a motor fitted by City Bike, one of two new manufacturers of electric bikes. Prince Charles had one. Sir Clive Sinclair owned the other company. The technology wasn't up to much but the modern ones seem very good.

Our council has decided to mix pedestrian and cycle traffic along our seafront. $$^@#$^! people leave about a femtometre between us, and are gone before I can throw a brick at them. It's daft, because normal summer days the wide shared footpath is crowded, while a ride to the pub in the next village is supposed to be done on a very busy B road that has a rarely used path. I always use the footpath and the only person I've nearly hit was a policewoman - in a police car. She'd come out of a private drive too fast and skidded on the gravel and then across the path. We smiled sheepishly at each other and carried on.
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