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Originally Posted by procede View Post
I thought the 200LR is basically the same airframe as the 200F. Converting a 200 should not be an issue, if you can convert a -300, as long as you can find airframes that are worth it (not too many hours and cycles) and there is enough demand.
It's still far easier said than done - note that the 777-300ERSF program is ~30 months from launch to first deliveries. There is a lot of engineering and cert work that goes into turning a passenger aircraft into a dedicated freighter. I'm guessing they'd need to get commitments for around 10-12 conversions just to make the nonrecurring costs worthwhile.

Originally Posted by neilki View Post
It's always fun when the new type you're training on has a bigger engine than the fuselage of your previous type
I used to have a photo at my desk of a PW4084 on a cradle sitting next to a 737 (both from the front) - and there was no observable difference in diameter.
The GE9X fan is something like 18 inches bigger than the PW4084
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