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Originally Posted by ozbiggles View Post
I love it
protect your love ones as best you can and good luck to you., full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes or icebergs.
What you want is what GB and America have pretty much done/doing, over 100,000 dead between them and the economy stuffed and it is not over yet. I think you should so a bit more research on Sweden before holding it up as a beacon of hope. What you have got is the economy stuffed but probably no one you know who has been hurt by the virus.
You can have one or the other, seems you have made your choice.We disagree but that is what makes PPRuNe fun!
And on that point it was a shame for us all that aviation has taken a big one for the team, but after all we spread it across the world in record time.
And if it helps I got retrenched because of Covid (well that was the main reason given at the time) but I support what we have had to do, particularly when we still donít know the end game.
Oz has the pain to come. Going to keep your economy locked down to the globe forever? There is no hope of a vaccine inside of 2 years. The only realistic way out is herd immunity.

Which means Sweden/USA/U.K. are closer to the end of the tunnel than Korea/NZ/Oz and other lockdown nations.

How many people did Korea have to contact trace last single infection? 5000? Are you telling me that is realistic when there are now likely to be over 100 million infections at play globally today?

One thing I donít understand is how intelligent people miss the point that Swedenís elevated mortality is a consequence and not a failure of their strategy. They know full well that the impact of fighting NCov and Flu at the same time will stretch health care past breaking point of this continues into their winter They are taking the pain now to avoid it in the future. Where would you prefer to trade/holiday? Somewhere that is liable to repeat lockdowns, stasi police action and a swab rammed 10cm up your nose, or somewhere that has had such widespread infection that it canít spread any more? There are areas of the U.K. now that are suspected (in papers awaiting peer review) to be approaching 30% infection and immunity (Manchester Uni). Next wave will be far less severe as a consequence of this and a much better understanding of at risk groups.

If you want to see how far governments are going to spread the fear, you only have to look at this ďOptionsĒ piece provided to government by a senior scientific body in the U.K.:


. Persuasion
2. Perceived threat: A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; it could be that they are reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group (8), although levels of concern may be rising (9). Having a good understanding of the risk has been found to be positively associated with adoption of COVID-19 social distancing measures in Hong Kong (10). The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting. emotional messaging. To be effective this must also empower people by making clear the actions they can take to reduce the threat (11).
in other words, use mass media hysteria to scare the living Jesus out of people and invoke false boogie men. I would suggest it isnít just UK government that are acting along these lines as scientists are liable to massive groupthink.

Just for info, in the U.K., Out of a suspected 60,000 deaths less than 130 people under 45 have died of this and of the below 70s with no known chronic condition, less than 1300 deaths. Iíve Had NCov, yep itís not flu, it was considerably milder than the last bout of flu I had, and that is common amongst 99.5% of
those non-risk groups who catch this.

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