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I absolutely agree with OP.

What we are doing is bizarre to say the least - we are generally supporting our government in their decision to kill our economy more surely than COVID would ever kill the numbers that commentators are bandying around.

In April alone, 75 Australians lost their lives on the roads of this nation. Should we then ban cars and driving?

Influenza kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people annually around the world. The COVID mortality numbers are slowly reducing and may not reach the upper end of the flu’s deaths.

The difference in this case too is that most western democratic countries in the world have right royally stuffed their own economies and ruined millions of lives for years to come simply because of the panic associated with its spread.

If anyone wants to see an example of reasoned governmental decision-making in relation to COVID, just look at Sweden. They have readily accepted that a very small percentage of their population would succumb to the illness, but have chosen to continue life basically unchanged. They have been quoted as saying that the population can generally be trusted to do the right thing. The population is behaving in a trustworthy way and enjoying life (for the most part) as normal.

Sure, the numbers per se look intimidating. I’m also sure that plays right into the hands of those who stand to gain from the changes being forced upon us.

When you look at percentages though, the numbers are equally surprising, but for an entirely different reason; only a tiny percentage of the population are unlucky enough to die from the disease. Only a very small percentage are ever diagnosed with it. The truth of the matter is that most of us will get it (or have already had it) and won’t even know about it. We’ll just think we’re suffering from a bad cold or minor flu.

Yet our day-to-day lives have been turned upside down.

I’m gobsmacked that posters on this forum fall into the trap of posing emotive questions relating to how we’d feel if one of our relatives were included in the statistics. Protect your vulnerable relatives as best you can and the chances of them coming down with this will be minimal.

So yes, I would gladly see all restrictions lifted, the economy opened up, and take the risk. After all, I let all my relatives drive in cars...

For those who want to hear the percentages and Sweden's response, just google 'Johan Giesecke asks Australia how to lift its lockdown without deaths'. Extremely interesting few minutes, and just makes it so abundantly clear that we've gone down the wrong path. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I'm starting to think that there's some other reason why we've included ourselves among the countries that have chosen the 'lockdown' path.

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