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Originally Posted by IBE8720 View Post
Some of guys need to get out of the Shire, and stop relying on Channel 9 and CNN for your news.
The only impediment to travel returning to normal are the Governments of the World.

Germany are opening their borders. Firstly with Austria, but have said they will be open for EU and Schengen countries for Summer.
Greece will be open for the Summer holiday season.
Italy have set up beaches to comply with Social Distancing measures, for summer.
Spain has introduced a 14 day quarantine period for arrivals. The quarantine period applies from the 15th till 24th of May only. So if you arrive on the 24th, you go into quarantine. Arrive 25th, straight to the beach.
England has imposed restrictions, with exemptions.
Carnival Cruise Line (everyone's favourite floating petri dish) reopened booking from the 1st of August. Demand is up 600% on this time last year.
The Business World is screaming to be allowed to travel again.

Just to name a few. As soon as restictions are lifted, people are going to travel for the sake of travelling. An airline in America is reporting strong demand as people just travel to visit family. Jobless, debt, wont be a deterrent. Another few $k on the credit card will not even be an after thought.

The media is doing more damage than the virus itself. And it feeds the uneducated massess in overhyped hysteria.
This morning's story CNN is that there are not enough syringes to vaccinate people if a vaccine was available. Considering that the same outlet has been stating for months that a vaccine is 12-18 months away, who cares about syringes right now. If you look into it a bit more, you will see that the US Govenrment took steps in January to obtain 100's of Millions more syringes. Just a beat up story for the sake of a story to promote an agenda.

2 weeks ago the worst was still to come for England. Now all of a sudden, things are improving and it is time to get back to work. Bu11sh1t!

There are other examples of inadequate or flawed testing policy. The death figures are skewed towards making COVID-19 worse than it is.

How many of you actually know someone who has or has had the virus? Only 700 people in Australia currently have the virus. 43% of ALL deaths have come from 2 sources, The Ruby Princess and the Nursing home in Western Sydney.

And for all that, people think the Governments response of have hearted shut down (it wasn't even a proper or effective shutdown) of the country that has financially grippled Australia for 1 or 2 Generations is a reasonable action.
We are now just destroying the World for no tangible benefit.
Every pilot has everything to gain from the world ignoring the virus and snapping back to pre COVID19 normality.

Unfortunately for our careers that’s not going to happen, but to try and say that there is ‘no tangible benefit’ to keeping our infections to 7000 and deaths to only 100ish is pretty rediculous.