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Originally Posted by LGS6753 View Post
Any new start-up, even with cheap fuel, cheap aircraft, plentiful slots and "flexible" crew will face two big hurdles - marketing recognition and the competition from very affluent, powerful and experienced competitors wanting to keep them out.
This got me thinking. I understand that Easyjet effectively leases the 'easy' brand from Stelios - in other words, underneath the orange paint the airline itself could be anything. With that in mind, and with Stelios making threats left, right and centre, could the logical conclusion of his rantings to be rescinding (somehow) the brand lease to Easyjet, which becomes 'A N Other-Jet' whilst a new company, fully controlled by Stelios and with the easyjet branding, appearing?

I admit, I dont know any of the details about how the easyjet 'brand' works - specifically whether something such as the above is even achievable. But then most things are achievable with big enough pockets (e.g. to buy out of a contract!)
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