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Originally Posted by GAPilot261087 View Post
As far as I am aware those Sam flights would have normally went through Belfast... or does that not fit your agenda ?

I could actually tell you why that business went there, I've heard first hand. But I have better things and smarter people to discuss with.

Yes you are correct it's stalled, but given that some senior management figures don't even know the in's and out's of the proposed sale yet, I find it hard to believe how you could know anything that signifies "The End"

The p8's tend not to book circuits and show up the A400 and C130 didn't do circuits in Aberdeen either I'm told. Unless you have factual record of them specifically requesting circuits and being denied here then again, you make baseless assumptions.

You say I'm immature ? lol... I'll remember your suggestion about the Cessna...when I finish my training as a IR/commercial pilot later this year... Gonna miss those cessna's (although I prefer Pipers and Diamonds) I'm starting to envy the role as expert aviation consultant in the future though, I'm inspired by this thread. Time to fix this abhorrent idea that Prestwick not handle every flight north of the equator. Something must be done about it. Outrageous. Pinchers and secret squirrels assemble

I'm all worn out now, gonna go drool over some Cessnas... lol, can't top that Not gonna reply to any more nonsense you come away with either, got paint to watch drying instead.
Not stooping to your level, but will set the record straight.
The P8 had booked in for 8 touch and go`s 3 weeks ago, but obviously no one had told him he couldn`t do them until he arrived in the circuit
and was given the bad news by the tower controller.
The A400 and C-130 have done touch and go`s at other Scottish and English airports. Google and you will see.
If you are a pilot, i`m sure you`ll have heard of NOTAM`s? There have been many over the past few years re the main runway being closed due to resurfacing work.
You`ve got a lot of growing up to do son if your going to make it professional. I hope you do!
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