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Originally Posted by GAPilot261087 View Post
You hope I don't work at the airport because I have a positive attitude about what's been going on and the continued business through a global pandemic ? lol

For someone such as myself who has been involved in all kinds of work and events at the place be it Ryanair, USAF, Canforce, Royalty or even Air Force One, I find your judgement on myself highly amusing as much as I find your expert view on the future of the airport and current business.

Like I said, take a day off... you are boring people who actually know what's going on and what they are doing at the place and that's a fact...

Ps - You'll be glad to know I don't work there anymore and have since moved on in aviation...

Have a great day Mr Pinch
Glad with immaturity shown in this post that you have moved on!!
Anyway for the record, SAM flights are far from new business (as you will know working Air Force 1 ;-))
More worrying is the fact that 8 of the last 10 CAF flights have operated from Belfast.
I am having a go, because I would like to know how that business could be swept up by a competitor on the doorstep, when they have operated successfully at Prestwick for 60 odd years.
On the airport sale, I am right in saying that it has stalled and is not signed off.
In respect of aircraft not being able to do circuits, again I am correct. P8, A400 and C130 refused touch and go circuits.

Sorry for not being all giggly that all is well at the airport, because it aint!

Enjoy flying your Cessna GA boy.
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