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Originally Posted by Section28- BE View Post
For 'what', It is Not worth- it has been 'reported' (allegedly/apparently) -

1/ 'Said', "Note Holders"- not 'that' freekin Happy/Impressed, with NIL Inclusion on the 'Committee of Inspection'.....

2/ 'Apparently'- a veritable onslaught of 'New' (revised)- Confidentiality Agreements, being 'Sprayed' around at this time.............., go figure?????

Shall, keep it Blunt/Descriptive, for this...., per chance 'is' the model being flogged, the one Paul...........
Rgds all
S28- BE
Gas turbine blades of conventional rotorcraft turboshaft engines are optimized to operate at nearly a fixed speed and a fixed incidence angle. If the operating condition of the engine changes, then the flow through the turbine may need to be guided to a more optimum direction.

One way to do this is with variable turbine nozzle geometry. But this standard method has some disadvantages including increased weight and complexity, as well as a limited operating range since the nozzle vanes can only be turned to a certain point before severe flow incidence angles disrupt the rotating blades downstream.
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