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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
Of course it is, probably for very similar reasons that SW England is way different to London, or Idaho is quite different to New York. In pretty much every infectious disease epedemic/pandemic we've ever seen densely populated areas have had a significantly faster spread of disease than sparsely populated areas.
No it was how many cases they had before they locked it down tight. No one in and no one out. If they had to come in, with permission it was 14 day quarantine, most case came from these. They also tested and traced a lot. They had 0.5% positive rate on testing Check that with UK testing numbers. But don't let me get in the way of your fantasy.

My states testing and tracing only missed 1.6% of where they got it from

Source of infection in confirmed cases of COVID-19 in SA

Source of infection
Overseas acquired 299
Locally acquired (close contact of a confirmed case) 125
Locally acquired (Interstate travel) 6
Locally acquired (contact not identified) 7
Under investigation 2

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