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14 days seems to be a common quarantine starter length. Norway sample has just announced they are reducing it from 14 to 10 days on FHI (Peoples Health institute) expert advice. Doesn't stop they who have to go for job reasons for longer periods, like oil or farm workers. There will be rules coming with it that eases the quarantine. Sample 1 crane driver on a special crane that lay tracks in a new railroad tunnel spent his quarantine in the crane cabin. So one can declare a workplace as the place of quarantine. Plus there will probably be excemptions for certain workers based on national needs.
More direct flying will be needed, and in greater quantities than today. Looked up a Dublin-Trondheim trip. Only scheduled option came up as a 3 day journey via Island. And the alternatives are not there since car ferries are not running and you can't drive across European borders.
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