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Originally Posted by redED View Post
And why now all of a sudden, on the face of it we’ve had no screening at ports and only limited quarantines, why not 3 months ago when this all kicked off?
Entirely predictable, it had already kicked off weeks before you believe it started (France now confirming covid infection in pneumonia patients in December for example), constraining arriving pax when the situation is already out of control makes little difference (apparently), now things are trending down infected pax entering the country are really not ideal. Other countries are or are already enforcing similar, more will inevitably follow.

Given global pax air traffic is one of the if not the primary means of spread, this is entirely predictable, inevitable and necessary . . .

The harder the lockdown the faster it passes, the UK gov have been lax and incompetent, perhaps intentionally (i.e. they are murderers), so it'll last longer and cost more lives and to the economy . . . whether you voted for a smart *rse latin talking chimp who is absolutely incapable of dealing with this (or any other) issue, only you will know . . . if you did . . . chapeau . . . you get what you asked for . . .
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