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I always thought the last BOAC/BA 707 was the one outside the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia which was scrapped in 1989.
I recall flying a 707 into Philidelphia and leaving it there for Boeing to collect as part of the deal for the next purchase of a 747. I then recall reading an article about how a 707 was towed through Philly at night, traffc lights etc being removed to allow it to pass, it being presented to the Franklin Institute by Boeing. Not long afterwards I was on another trip to Philly, and walking around a corner was staggered to see the tail assembly of a 707 sticking out into the street - G-A??? ( can't remember and can't access my logbooks right now. ) from the Franklin Institute. I went inside and told them that I had flown that very aircraft into Philly not long before, on its last flight, and could I have a free entry to have another look at it ? Granted. The flight deck was exactly as I had last seen it, with the exception that all the then rewindable, clocks with stopwatch function had been taken out of the Pilot's, F/engs and Nav's instrument panels !

BOAC acquired a Boeing 707............ It was very different to the other BOAC 707s. One of the differences was the switches went up for on and down for off.
Many years later I was involved with a ( eventually short lived ! ) start up 747 freighter operator at Heathrow, the owner of which purchased a 747 from Flying Tigers in the USA, and the switches were the opposite way to the BA 747's that I remembered, and ... before we could put it on the British CAA register, we had to re-write all the flying manuals and check lists, to change the words ..........Warning Lamps to Warning Lights ! Bureaucracy Rules - OK ?
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