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I would not reccomend Pilot Flight academy in Sandefjord. They advertise that the duration of the course is 2 years, yet most students are not finished in less than 2 and a half. They know this and still they advertise that it takes 2 years. There is also very little prioritisation when it comes to booking students for flights. They book new students over students that have been there the longest. So it seems like some students get "left behind". On the positive side the premises are nice and new, flight instructors are good and the aircraft are modern.

It`s just a shame that the actual organisation of the practical aspects of the course are so bad.

I believe this is something they say they are working on, but be prepared to use extra money for extra lessons and accommodation for extra time over the 2 years. i know students there that are getting close to 3 years before completing.

Now when all this is said, Corona has also played a roll in this, which no-one can do anything about.
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