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Qatar Airways will be very badly affected as it is a hub airline with no domestic routes and very little origin/destination traffic. In the aftermath of COVID-19 there will be little demand for premium travel and important markets such as India will take a long time to be at an acceptable level of risk. The airline isn't as important to the country as EK is to Dubai or CX to Hong Kong, the question is how much money from government reserves, and the oil/gas fields with prices at their depressed levels, will the rulers be willing to funnel in with the expectation of a payback further down the track.

Substantial losses were already being experienced due to the blockade and the airline needs a recovery in the long haul premium market, which will be the last area to come back online once restrictions are eased. Unfortunately, unless there is a fairly quick improvement, the airline will probably downsize to what is sufficient to fly the migrant workers in and out, and to take the locals shopping in LON/PAR/NY. A real pity as the airline is one of my favourites and offered a very good product at surprisingly low fares.

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