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Gatwick’s best hope in my opinion for the longer term, if the economy is strong enough and people can travel, is for Jet2 to open a parallel base to STN. The problem with Ryanair showing up on any scale is they would take the fight to EZY so that operation would be undermined. I can see Wizz doing more but for most of their routes LTN is better because it has wider reach.

This is could be a turning point in the balance between LGW and STN, the latter massively benefiting from MAG ownership and the access and joint deals that can bring. Don’t forget STN has already scored victories with LGW-type routes and airlines recently, such as Air India and Air Senegal and even perhaps Air Corsica. Greek islands that used to be a LGW speciality have shifted north with Jet2 after TCX collapse. LGW and SEN will be the big losers in my opinion.
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