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Originally Posted by PerPurumTonantes View Post
Design philosophy: Take the best of both A and B.
Engineers: Get back to Boeing's heritage of a cutting edge engineering-led company.
Good idea!

When Boeing was run like that - especially the "best of Boeing design language and fully-integrated (Airbus-style) automation" - they produced the 777, their last unequivocal success.

If they'd done that with the 737-latest (now MAX) they would not be in the pickle they are now. They might have different problems, as Ryanair and Southwest took turns in abusing them for making those airlines have to spend anything on new pilot training, but that would not have placed them in a worse position vis-a-vis Airbus (only an even position). They also wouldn't have two smoking holes in the ground full of corpses and a shattered safety reputation.
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