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Originally Posted by Buster the Bear View Post
End game is a vaccine passport.
Without wishing to have this thread drift towards another covid-19 one, a vaccine, despite Trumps claims, is unlikely to be available for the general population for a long time, if immunity through antibodies is proven, then an immunity passport may be more likely in the short term. If some really effective drugs are found that treat patients and keep them out of ICUs that could also help re-open travel. On a more positive note, watching and reading the German media there are moves towards re-opening borders more widely, not just restricting movement to essential workers in several European countries, and the UK ought to follow that lead, though obviously with a time lag as we're not a the same stage in the trajectory of infections.

I just can't see how package holidays by air can really work if some of the social distancing rules aren't relaxed. Even if they were relaxed, can you imagine the cost of travel insurance for healthy passengers, let alone for people with co-morbidities?
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