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The exact reason why some really good training offers will come up in the foreseeable future. The schools need your money now, not in a couple of years. They've also got bills to pay and require a more or less constant flow of income to stay afloat. However, you might eventually end up spending more revalidating your MEP IR, SEP and Class I medical in the dreaded gap between your graduation and the improvement of the job market. Not to mention that, when it comes to recruitment, someone who has recently finished training and has still got his skills sharp and his knowledge fresh stands better chances than someone who's been out of flying for a year or two, bar the minimum required rating revalidations.

And then there's another risk about paying for your entire training upfront right now. How can we be certain that the flight school will not go bust at some point after having had your money? There have been many, many unfortunate guys who were left with no licence and no money in this way in previous years. Some got over the loss, went back to square one and restarted everything from scratch. Others could never afford it again or got so demoralised that they never went anywhere near a flight school ever again.

My advice? Give it some time. We don't even know the extent of damage done to the industry for now and we will not until the dust has settled. Go back to it in one year. Or two years. Use the time to learn some backup skill or earn another qualification. Save as much money as you can so that you keep debt to the minimum. And, when the time comes, chances are there will still be good offers on training out there. Definitely for the next few years as people will be dead cautious about investing into flight training anytime soon.
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